Navy Charges Formerly Presumed Dead Sailor

At the beginning of June, Petty Officer 3rd Class Peter Mims from the USS Shiloh went missing which triggered a man overboard search in the Philippine Sea. American and Japanese ships searched over 5,500 square miles of sea for over 50 hours. A week later, he was found alive on the ship.  
Mims has admitted that he intentional tried to hid and took precautions to avoid being detected by other saliors. Since he is small in stature, he had been hiding in the ship's engineering spaces where his fellow sailors didn't think he could be. 
The Navy has charged Mims with abandoning watch and dereliction of duty. His actions violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice's Article 86, abandoning watch, and Article 92, dereliction in the performance of duties. The details of the punishment were not released, but the maximum would be loss of pay and detention in the brig for six months. The Navy is looking into pursuing additional actions against Mims. That could mean that he would get released from service with a bad conduct discharge. 
 Comments From Allen:  I plead ignorance here.  I wonder how much it costs to rent a guided missile cruiser with 400 men aboard, along with other Japanese and American warships, for two days?  Probably more than my weekend stays at the Holiday Inn.  I would expect the Navy to be looking for Mr. Mims to reimburse it for spending a lot of time and money looking for him.


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