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FDA Investigates Video of Kellogg's Worker Peeing on Cereal

A criminal investigation conducted by the Food and Drug Administration is under way after a video surfaced showing a man urinating on one of Kellogg's factory assembly lines. The company said that they alerted authorities immediately after they found out about the video.

The video shows a man urinating on an assembly line, then panning to a sign with the Kellogg logo. Kellogg said its own investigation determined the video was recorded at its Memphis, Tennessee, factory in 2014. Kellogg is still working to identify the man in the video. The company said  any products that would have been affected would be past their expiration dates by now.

Comments from Allen:  Aren't you glad to know that if any of that adulterated cereal found its way into your house, you ate it a long time ago and did not die?  And don't be surprised if millions of people will forever identify the adulterated product as "Rice Kris-pees."

I am surprised that the man shown in the video was not …

Octopus Found in Child's Throat - Man Arrested for Child Abuse

The boy's 21 year old mother arrived home to find her 36 year old boyfriend, Matthew Gallagher, performing CPR on her son because he had stopped breathing. The boy was taken to a hospital where a dead octopus was removed from the 2 year old's throat. The boy also sustained facial injuries. The head of the octopus was measured at around 2 inches in diameter. The police said the octopus was likely intended for sushi. The boy's condition has since been upgraded to good, and it doesn't seem like he has sustained any long term injuries due to the oxygen deprivation to the brain.

Gallagher has been arrested on child abuse charges because his story was inconsistent with the evidence. He has since bonded out of jail.

Comments from Allen:  Two factors in this case indicate felony child abuse charges are warranted: 1.  Gallagher had no logical explanation for how the dead octopus found its way inside the child's throat.  2.  The child had unexplained facial injuries.


Beauty Parlor Stroke

In January 2014, Elizabeth Smith had a stroke caused by a visit to the hair salon. A CT scan revealed that an artery in her neck had been damaged by a shampoo chair and sink at Blowbunny in San Diego. She filed suit against in December 2015.
This kind of stroke is possible because
the arteries in their neck can get cut or torn due to hyperextension or any whiplash-type motions while someone's hair is getting shampooed. The damage of the inside of the blood vessel leads to abnormal flow and clotting, and then those clots can shoot up into the brain and cause a stroke.

Smith’s symptoms appeared eight days after a visit to the salon, which included a weakness in her left arm and leg and couldn't stand. Six days after the first incident, Smith got very nauseous and was projectile vomiting. She has been through months of rehabilitation, and now has over $250,000 in medical bills.

Two years after the incident, She continues to strength, balance, and vision issues. Smith also still …

Man To Plead Guilty In Massive Celeb Nude Hack

Ryan Collins of Pennsylvania plans to plead guilty for stealing nude photos of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Lea Michele, and Kirsten Dunst. Collins made a deal with the prosecutors that he will plead guilty to one felony for unauthorized access of a protected computer. Prosecutors say that he used a phishing scheme between 2012 and 2014 by sending emails requesting username and password information to his targets. Once he had that information, he was able to steal personal information such as entire content from iCloud accounts. Collins accessed at least 50 iCloud accounts and over 70 Gmail accounts, which mostly belonged to female celebrities. The photos eventually made their way onto the internet, where they quickly spread. Prosecutors believe that Collins stole the photos, but they haven't uncovered any evidence that links him to the actual leaks or that he uploaded the information he stole.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ryan White said they used IP addresses to find Coll…