California Fines Gatorade for Anti Water Campaign

It was announced in a recent settlement that Gatorade made misleading "anti-water statements" while promoting its sports drinks in a video game played by teenagers. In doing this, Gatorade violated state consumer-protection laws by negatively portraying water in a mobile app that was downloaded by over 2 million users. In the free mobile app, the likeness of the Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt, encourages users to keep their performance level high by avoiding water and using Gatorade to fill their fuel meter.

The settlement was a $300,000 fine and Gatorade is banned from negatively depicting water in any type of advertising. The video game is now no longer available. A portion of the fine will go towards research on water consumption and nutritional health. Gatorade is also prohibited from advertising in media where children under 12 comprise over 35 percent of the audience.

Comments from Allen:  I have a problem here.  Let me begin with the origin of Gatorade. 
Researchers at …

Funeral Director Takes Photos of Corpses to Gross Out Friends

Pennsylvanian funeral director, Angeliegha Stewart, has been charged with abusing corpses other crimes for 'allegedly' taking pictures on her cell phone of the dead bodies in her funeral home to "gross out" her friends and family.

She is also facing a marijuana charge. The detectives found messages about deals while they were searching her phone during their investigation into the photos.

Authorities say that Stewart took pictures during an organ harvesting process and others of a decomposing corpse. Other photos included corpses in caskets, and others not.

A spokesman for the funeral home says that they are disappointed in the allegations and are cooperating with authorities.

Comments from Allen:   People who work in the funeral home industry sometimes deal with the constant parade of dead bodies by making light of morbid situations. However, that gallows humor crosses the line when it involves molesting or desecrating a corpse, and may cross the line when unauthori…

Lawsuit Against Unaccredited Zoo

A small zoo in Maryland is once again facing violations of the federal animal-protection laws by mistreating lemurs, tigers, and lion.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), recently filed a lawsuit against a zoo owner claiming that he violated the Endangered Species Act because he had unsuitable enclosures without providing the right amount of companionship, enrichment, food, water and shelter for the animals. This impedes the animals' ability to carry out their natural behaviors, which puts their physical and psychological well-being at risk.

In the past, owner Robert Candy has had claims against him for not properly caring for the animals in the zoo. In 2012, a judge suspended the zoo's license for 45 days for violating regulations of the Animal Welfare Act.

PETA wants the lemurs and big cats to be relocated from the zoo, since Candy hasn't demonstrated that he can adequately provide for the animals. PETA also claims that Candy allows inexperienced voluntee…

Sheriff’s Deputy Denied Immunity

A sheriff's deputy in Pasadena, California will have to face civil claims from the family of a 13 year old boy who he killed after mistaking the boy's toy gun for an AK 47.

The boy was shot on October 22, 2013 while he was on the sidewalk walking to his friend's house. The toy gun was missing the orange tip that designates it was a replica, but witnesses for the police have said that the officers were far enough away that they wouldn't have been able to distinguish the tip anyway. The officers were 100 yards from the boy.

Sheriff’s Deputy Erick Gelhaus's partner turned their car around when they noticed the boy and turned on the siren. Gelhaus got out of the car, ordered the boy to drop the weapon, and fired eight shots. Seven of the shots hit the boy in the chest, and he died at the scene.

Chief US District Judge Phillis Hamilton advanced the civil claims by the boy's family last year, and the deputy appealed to the Ninth Circuit. A three judge panel determined…

Couple Cleared of Satanic Abuse Awarded $3.4 Million

The state of Texas will pay $3.4 million to a couple who were wrongfully imprisoned for over twenty years on claims that they sexually abused children in their day care business in 1992. Dan and Fran Keller will receive the payment from a state fund for the wrongly convicted.

In June, a judge approved the request for a declaration of innocence for the Kellers. The Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore stated that there wasn't enough evidence left. The Kellers were convicted in 1992 of sexually assaulting children at the day care they operated out of their home after children told investigators about dismembered babies and tortured pets. They were sentenced to 48 years in prison.

In 2013, the couple was freed after the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals found that the doctor was mistaken in determining the physical evidence of assault. The court ruled that the doctor's testimony was false, and the doctor also recanted it. The alleged victim acknowledged in a later inter…

Judge Finds Teacher-Student Sexual Relationship Law Unconstitutional

A judge in Alabama ruled that the law that barred teachers from having sexual relationships with students old enough to consent is unconstitutional. The legal consenting age in Alabama is 16. The law prohibits any school employee from having a sexual relationship with a student younger than 19. Violation of this law results in a felony and up to 20 years in prison and require that the convicted to register as a sex offender.

Morgan County Circuit Judge Glenn Thompson dismissed charges against 44 year old Carrie Witt, a former teacher at Decatur High School, who was accused for having sex with two students who are over the age of 16. Judge Thompson also dismissed the charges against 27 year old David Soloman, a former contract teacher at Falkville High School, who was accused of having sex with one student over the age of 16. 
Judge Thompson ruled that the prosecutors would have to prove that the teachers used their position of authority to coerce the illegitimate consent of the allege…

10 Best Attorneys

Wow, what an honor!  I have been informed that I have been selected as being a member of one of the "Ten Best Law Firms in Idaho."

I need only pay $295.00 and I get a nifty plaque just like the one pictured above, so I can put it up in my office for all of my clients to see.

I actually get notifications like this about 4-5 times per year.  I am always suspect when I get one of these letters soliciting money for a nifty plaque.  One company selling plaques like this had a listing of those participating, and I believe it was about 4,500 attorneys, each one sporting a plaque proclaiming his firm as a "Top 10" something-or-other.

I checked the website for the company whose plaque is pictured above, to find the names of those 10 attorneys who were so very good in Idaho in 2016.  There were no names of any selected, but the website did say that two attorneys were being considered.   In other words, as we approach the end of 2017, this group has not yet decided who their…