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Cotton Candy Arrest

Dasha Fincher is suing Monroe County, Georgia, two deputies, and the company Sirchie, which manufactures a roadside drug test popular with law enforcement for false and malicious arrest. Fincher is seeking equitable relief and monetary damages. 
Fincher spent three months in jail after a car she was riding in was pulled over by cops who thought an old piece of blue cotton candy was methamphetamine. A crime lab found out that they were wrong. 
The two sheriff's deputies said they pulled over the car on New Year's Eve in 2016 because the windows were tinted, but they later admitted the windows were legal. They said they found a clear plastic bag which contained a blue substance, spherical in shape, which was located in the floor board. Fincher and the driver said that it was just a bag of blue cotton candy. 
The officers arrested Fincher and the driver after the roadside test said the substance was positive for methamphetamine. Fincher was charged with trafficking and possessio…

Emergency Alert Lawsuit

52 year old James Shields and his girlfriend, 59 year old Brenda Reichel, were driving to the beach when the got the warning on their phones that a missile was on its way to Hawaii in January 2018. Shields suffered from a heart attack shortly after. Now he is suing the state citing that the alert triggered his medical emergency.

38 minutes after the alert went out, the alert was retracted after admitting that it was sent on accident. However, Shields and Reichel believed it to be true. They had decided that there wasn't much they could do to protect themselves, so they went to die at the beach.

The couple called their children for their final goodbyes. Reichel's son is a member of the Army National Guard, and he said the threat was real, so it confirmed their belief that the threat was real. Shortly after, Shields started feeling severe pain in his chest. He tried to cool down by going into the water, but when that didn't help, they went to the hospital. After they arrived,…

Are Kids Under 12 Too Young for Court?

California legislature is putting forth a bill in 2020 that would bar the juvenile justice system from hearing most cases of children younger than 12 similar to legislation that was just passed in Massachusetts this year. It has caused backlash from district attorneys.

California currently has no minimum age that would prevent courts from hearing cases of children charged with criminal offenses.

It would require counties in the state to develop the "least restrictive" alternatives to the juvenile justice system.  This could mean a heavier reliance on the dependency court system, where child protective agencies with providing service to vulnerable children. The bill asserts that children younger than 12 are too young to enter the justice system.

All states have an established age of jurisdiction, which is the maximum age of juvenile court jurisdiction(usually 18 years old). It is the age where a young person stops being eligible for the rehabilitative services in the juvenil…

Idaho Dentist Accused of Abandoning Patients

Patients of Accure Dental & Dentures wondered what happened to their dentist. They couldn't seem to get a hold of anyone who worked there, so they called the Idaho Board of Dentistry.

The owner, dentist Tera Greene, went silent. Patients weren't able to get their records. Some had prepaid dental work and didn't know if they would ever get a refund.

Susan Miller, executive director of the Idaho Board of Dentistry, said they started getting calls from patients saying that there were signs on the door and the doctor wasn't there. Apparently, there was supposed to be another doctor to take patients, but they found that the agreement was never fully executed, so the patients were left in the air.

The board has stepped in by seizing the patient records, so the patients could take their records to their new dentist. The board has talked to at least three dozen former patients who didn't have a new dentist.

Patients have complained to the Idaho Attorney General's …

Sentenced to....Watching Bambi?

A judge sentenced David Berry Jr., who illegally killed hundreds of deer, to watch Disney's Bambi once a month during the year he spends in jail. Berry was sentenced in early December in what may be Missouri's largest poaching case ever.

Lawrence County Prosecutor Don Trotter said that he didn't have a problem with the cinematic penalty if it gets the point across to Berry.

Berry's defense attorney argued for leniency in sentencing because he had recently has a baby, but the judge responded with the legal obligation to watch the movie.

Officials don't have an exact count of how many deer were killed the the years long poaching operation because Berry destroyed the evidence. Trotter said that in the last three months of 2015, the Berry family killed around 100 deer according to the photos on their phones. The family used the heads as trophies in their homes. Trotter said the Berrys threatened the lives of people who tried to stop them.  Berry Jr. and David Berry S…