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Idaho Dentist Accused of Abandoning Patients

Patients of Accure Dental & Dentures wondered what happened to their dentist. They couldn't seem to get a hold of anyone who worked there, so they called the Idaho Board of Dentistry.

The owner, dentist Tera Greene, went silent. Patients weren't able to get their records. Some had prepaid dental work and didn't know if they would ever get a refund.

Susan Miller, executive director of the Idaho Board of Dentistry, said they started getting calls from patients saying that there were signs on the door and the doctor wasn't there. Apparently, there was supposed to be another doctor to take patients, but they found that the agreement was never fully executed, so the patients were left in the air.

The board has stepped in by seizing the patient records, so the patients could take their records to their new dentist. The board has talked to at least three dozen former patients who didn't have a new dentist.

Patients have complained to the Idaho Attorney General's …