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Haunted House Stabbing

A group of four friends went to the Nashville Nightmare haunted house a couple weeks ago. It was supposed to be a fun adventure, but it turned sour when a man in skull make up, believed to be one of the actors at the haunted house, walked up to them and handed one of the women a knife.

In the spirit of getting into the experience, they wanted to play along. So when the man asked if one of her friends was "fucking around with her," she said yes. Then he proceeded to hand her a knife and say, " Well, here, stab him".

The 29 year old women took the knife, which she thought was fake, and pierced straight through her friend's left forearm. She quickly realized it was real when she saw the blood on the knife and the blood gushing out of her friend's arm.

Her friend, 29 year old James Yochim, went to a local hospital to be treated. His wound required nine stitches. Luckily, it missed the major arteries, bones,  and tendons in his arm.

According to the police repor…

The Kavanaugh Conundrum

There has been much in the news about women supporting and opposing Brett Kavanaugh. Republican women generally support him, Democrat women generally oppose him. One group particularly disturbs me, as an attorney who frequently represents men who have been falsely accused of sexual misconduct: female victims of rape. It appears that victims of rape, Republican or Democrat, have been speaking out against Judge Kavanaugh.

I have read blogs posts and stories with comments from all over. Invariably, there will be one woman posting "I believe Dr. Ford because I was a victim of rape! No one like that should sit on the Supreme Court." This comment will be followed by a second, then a third similar post. These women will go to their graves believing Dr. Ford was groped by Brett Kavanaugh 36 years ago.
What is disturbing is that these women do not believe Dr. Ford because the evidence weighs in favor of the charge; they believe Dr. Ford because they were victims of rape or some other…