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Fake Movie Ticket Offer To Find Fake Pizza Order

Richard Crawford was convicted of placing a fake pizza order to a woman's house, but the New Zealand High Court overturned it because of the hoax movie ticket text a police officer used to track him down and get Crawford's address.

Crawford placed a fake $30 Domino's order last year to the house of a woman who was an unwitting and unwilling recipient. The woman was upset after she got several other anonymous orders made to her house including one occasion where a taxi was ordered to take her to the hospital. There isn't any proof that Crawford is responsible for the other incidents. When the order arrived at the woman's house, she got the phone number of the person who made the order and complained to the police. 
The police sergeant tried to call the number several times with no response, so he ran the number through police systems to no avail. Then he sent the following text: "Thanks for your continued support. You are the winner of two Movie Max 5 session p…

Dog Death on United Airlines

A passenger's dog was inside an overhead bin on United Airlines Flight 1284 from Houston to New York for over three hours after a flight attendant told the passenger to put it there. Airline officials said they made a mistake. When the plane landed at LaGuardia Airport, the dog had passed away.

Spokesman Charlie Hobart told CNN that the flight attendant should not have told the passenger to put the dog in the bin used for carry on bags.

United Airlines has expressed full responsibility and expressed condolences to the family. They are investigating what happened to prevent it from ever happening again.  United has been in contact with the passenger who owned the dog and offered to pay for a necropsy.

United allows pets in the cabin when they are transported in kennels that can fit under the seat. Some types of animals are prohibited from flying on any flight, but this animal was not on that list. 
PETA, the animal rights group, issued a statement calling for the flight attendant r…

Science Teacher Feeds Puppy to Snapping Turtle

A junior high school teacher is under investigation after he allegedly fed a live puppy to a snapping turtle in front of students for an after school demonstration. Robert Crosland has taught science at Preston Junior High School.

The Superintendent Marc Gee said that the event happened after students were dismissed and was not part of any school directed program.

Former students said that Crosland had previously fed guinea pigs to snakes he keeps in his classroom. It is not clear if the guinea pigs or the puppy were alive before the teacher decided to feed them to his reptiles and amphibians.

Gee says that the district is taking steps to ensure that this action is not repeated.

The Department of Agriculture took the turtle away from Crosland, and had it euthanized. Crosland is under investigation for the alleged animal mistreatment, but he has not been cited or charged and has not been placed on leave.

More than 129,000 people have signed a petition calling for his firing.

The Ida…