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Teens Sue Oregon Strip Club

An underage prostitution ring at an Oregon strip club led to the manager Steven Toth getting sent to prison for 15 years, and now two teenage girls are suing the company for millions of dollars. The defendant Frehoo Inc controls four Oregon strip club. The two teenagers are also suing tooth for prostituting underage girls in the back of the club. According to their lawsuits, S.H. was 13 when she stripped at the club, and A.G. was 15.

Toth, 45 years old, testified in his trial in 2014 that he guarded the door while S.H. had paid sex with clients. He pleaded guilty and testified against the girl's pimp, 30 year old Victor Moreno-Hernandez. Moreno-Hernandez is currently serving a 30 year sentence for sexually abusing drugging, and prostituting the girl.

The Oregon Labor Commissioner filed charges against Frehoo and Stars co-owner Jeff Struhar for alleging illegal sexual harassment of minors. The commissioner said that the club hired the 15 year old girl to dance even after Toth was …