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Murder-For-Hire Case Up for Retrial


In 2011, Dalia Dippolito was convicted of hiring a hit man to kill her husband of six months.  The Boynton Beach jury deliberated and found her guilty in three hours.  The judge sentenced her to 20 years in prison.

That case was overturned on appeal, due to material errors in the jury selection process.

The case was retried in December 2016.  On December 14, Judge Glenn D. Kelley declared a mistrial.  A count of the juror decisions indicated three to convict, three to acquit.

The prosecution plans to try this case a third time.

Comments from Allen:  This case is unusual in so many respects.  I have to be impressed by the team of defense lawyers Brian Claypool and Greg Rosenfeld, who took a case that was lost quickly and unanimously five years ago, and on the retrial they convinced half the jury that Dippolito was not guilty.

A videotape showed Dippolito talking to an undercover cop, wherein she asks the cop to kill her husband.  The cop ask…

Groped Teen Sues American Airlines for $10 Million

A family of a teenager who was allegedly groped on an American Airlines flight has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the suspect, Chad Camp, and American Airlines. The lawsuit lists the ways Camp abused the unaccompanied teen and how the airline failed to protect the teen. American Airlines has been reviewing the lawsuit and cooperating with the FBI investigation.

The teen's family paid for her ticket and the extra fee for her being an unaccompanied minor. She even met the flight crew before the departure and spent time with the crew and employees. The teen was seated in a window seat in the middle of the plane, and Camp was seated directly next to her even though the plane was only half full.

The suit explains that Camp was seen having four drinks before the flight took off. Then after he took his seat in the plane, he proceeded to grope the teen for half an hour. Camp was finally moved after a flight attendant serving snacks saw what he was doing. The FBI was notified and Ca…

Man Sets Bunny on Fire

Manasseh Walker, 22, was arrested for the intentional burning of a domestic rabbit in Florida. The sheriff's office posted photos of the wounded rabbit, and it gained a lot of public interest. They were able to track down Walker within 24 hours of the incident thanks to #JusticeForThumper.

Walker claimed that he had been bitten by the rabbit. According to witnesses, they saw him chasing the animal while it was on fire.

Walker was charged with animal cruelty.

Comments from Allen:
What can I say?  Aside from the fact that rabbit "tastes like chicken,"  I have, in the past, had these cuddly critters as pets.  No one gets away with setting a pet bunny on fire without facing the consequences.

While you have a privilege to defend yourself when attacked by vicious animals (like the Idaho Falls man who was recently acquitted of the charge when he shot a pit bull that attacked him), I believe Mr. Walker will have a difficult time convincing a jury that he was "not guilty&qu…

Store Owner Sues Police Where Alton Sterling Was Killed

On July 5, Alton Sterling was shot multiple times and killed outside a convenience store after an altercation with two police officers.  Police officers had responded to a 911 call, wherein the caller stated a man selling CDs outside the store had threatened him with a gun.

Now the owner of the convenience store Triple S Mart, Abdullah Muflahi, is suing the police. He claims that he was illegally detained by the police for four hours in the back of a police car after the shooting. The only time Muflahi was allowed out of the car was to go to the bathroom, but he wasn't allowed to use the bathroom inside his store and instead had to relieve himself outside in front of the police and in full view of the public. Then the police confiscated the store's security system without a warrant and confiscated his cellphone, where he shot video of the entire incident.

Gov. John Edwards said that he believes that "all evidence should be collected in accordance with the law" in re…